Now that the world is facing a pandemic face masks are in short supply. Often times price gouging occurs and you will end up paying a much higher price than in the past. So why not take the time to learn how to make face masks cheap and easy at home.

With widely available materials anyone can make their own face masks. Are you tired of buying a mask only to find out that it fits improperly? Making your own gives you the ability to have more control over the design and functionality of your face masks. If you or someone in your family has certain allergies being able to choose an organic fabric that has not been made with harsh chemicals can have added benefits. Many store bought face masks are shipped from overseas with below average oversight. Learning how to make your own face masks ensures that you are 100% knowledgable about the source of each individual piece.

Sometimes you may have an emergency situation where all you have on hand are paper clips, rubber bands and paper towels. Simply by folding the paper towel in a particular manner allows you to make a reusable face mask that can protect your lungs from harmful elements.

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Shop Face Masks Online
Visit for one of the widest selections of face masks available for sale online!

Ready to start making your own face masks?

Here are some useful materials you may need:

  1. Fabric, preferably organic with medium thickness.

  2. Elastic cord. (Easily found at your local arts and crafts store for a low price.)

  3. Needle and thread. (I know this sounds difficult but it’s really easy)

  4. Scissors.

Lately there has been much discussion about the effectiveness of face masks. Considering many people have been wearing face coverings for decades, the idea is all around justifiable. Humans have polluted the air to extreme levels and protecting your lungs and mouth from harmful allergens, bacteria, chemicals, etc. has many benefits.

People who are more active would therefore breathe more intensely whilst outside may find wearing a face mask long term to inhibit proper breathing. It may take some time to get used to regularly wearing a covering. Using protective face masks indoors can also protect you from mold which is difficult to detect and can also cause lasting damage to your lungs.

Therefore we recommend you wear a face mask at all times in public but make sure to choose reusable and regularly dispense of them or rotate washable face masks. Protecting the air you breathe is a good idea.